Micajah "Cage" Watson

Rhinoceros Amalian, ex-chemist turned militia thug.


Aspects – “CANNONBAAAALL!!!”(1), “Tiny Bloody Buttons!”(1), “What a… special guy”(1), Knowledge of the Body(1), Cyborg, and Hero to the Little Guys(1).

Occupation – Militia(1)

Expertise – Command


Cage is 36 years of age, and was born a human. For his first 23 year he aspired to be medicinal revolutionary, studying in the fields advanced biological supplement and prosthesis. His hands were to bring him to glory as he invented surrogate body parts and concocted super-nutrients for various purposes. That changed, however, when he was suddenly abducted by a group of cronies hired by some mad geneticist. Trying to win over favor of a radical government splint, the geneticist attempted to create a new soldier by means of manufacturing Amalians. Cage’s DNA was spliced with that of a rhinoceros. While some features were successful, such as thick, armor-hide skin and increased musculature and body mass, others became botched. His head, though, had simply been replaced with the donor animal, with a brain transplant to compliment the switch. Once released, Cage found that his feet were distorted and his balance was stripped completely. His precious hands were equally modified and he realized his dexterity was gone forever. In addition to these his new head was incredibly heavy for his untrained neck. All of these problems had to be solved with engineering. Using his extensive knowledge of the nervous system, he dictated a design to a few tinkerers to construct iron prosthetics to support his head and counterbalance his weight against his feet. Living a mutant without hands, though, is proving difficult. Having to abandon chemistry, he now follows a group of vigilante anti-imperialists known as the Dum-Dums in Arcologen, working as an intimidation piece and backup muscle. He’s putting his stumpy hands to use, wielding what he calls Wreckers; iron gauntlets ending in large rough orbs.

Cage’s calling is now to protect the lower class citizens of Arcologen and all of Virshin from those who would violate their inner rights, and the fear of the unknown; a one-man force intending on policing the shady corners of laboratories and back allies, all in the sake of the natural rights of men. Particularly in his sights are those who find it acceptable to tinker with the genetic or bodily makeup of others for profit, just as one scientist had done with him years prior.

Cage has not been interested in building romantic relationships since he was a young adult, and his work began to consume him. Now, though, his disinterest works to his advantage, being that he’s a social outcast to both humans and most amalians.

Micajah "Cage" Watson

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