So you’ve made a character. Now what? If he’s not the strongest, you probably want him to be. So you take your steam powered hero on some adventures to beef them up. This page will detail the methods of improving your tabletop buddy.

Character Level – This virtually unimportant statistic is upped by completing campaigns. That’s right, folks. If you finish a story, your character level increases by one. Currently, character level has no inherent bonuses or advantages, but may be freely used by GMs to use as a tool or tracker. Something like “This epic machine can only be operated by at least 5th level adventurers,” will add a sense of depth. New players start with level 0 characters.

Aspect Levels – Aspects are very important in FATE RPG, and determined one’s specialty. Naturally, each character’s aspects must advance. This is done with a buildup of tokens. To advance a level 0 aspect to a level 1 permanent aspect, the player may, at any point after the event which caused the new aspect to be imposed, purchase the level advance for 3 tokens. After this initial purchase, each aspect’s level advancement is done by purchasing the upgrade with an equal amount of tokens as the numerical value of the new level. For instance, advancing a level 4 aspect to level 5 simply costs 5 tokens. To understand the importance of increasing aspect levels, review other sections of the Rules portion of the wiki.

Aptitude Levels – The Aptitude of a character’s occupation is the numeric value determining how many Mastery Points you will have, and how many dice you will roll on all applicable roll checks. In order to advance your character’s Aptitude, the GM records Experience Points in real time throughout the game. The player is welcome to do so as well. Every positive critical roll after Mastery Points are applied grants the roller 2 Experience Points. Every negative critical roll accepted earns 1 Experience Points(to emulate learning from one’s mistakes). A new level is earned once the player has accumulated Experience Points equal to 10 times the new level’s value. For instance, in order to advance Slayer from 3 to 4, while at level 3, the player must accumulate 40 (level 4×10) Experience Points. The change in level happens automatically, and affects the rest of the game, but not the roll it was earned on.

Those three stats cover it for now. As with character creation, only a small handful of Crunch details is necessary in Novus. Changes may be made at any time. Playtesting has yet to occur(Christmas Day, 2009. Happy Holidays.)


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