Virshin’s capitol. The human mecca of civilization. Arcologen’s city-works sprawl out to cover over 80% of all of Virshin.

This heavily industrialized supercity is the home to roughly 40% of all civilized life on Espovon. It has been in development since the Nadir, when humans left Ulova in search of new hub. Throughout these centuries, Arcologen has been ruled with a simple monarchy system, supported by a congressional check/balance system. This worked for many years before it began to crumble.

In modern times, the old neat-and-packaged system of governing has been thrown out the window for a much more anarchistic rule. Disputes over policies and the sheer number of residents of Arcologen have guaranteed that opposition to governing forces was strong at every impasse. This led to the formation of organizations, militia, vigilante, and protest forces mobilizing and trying to undermine the larger governing structure, as well as each other at will. This imbalance and disturbance has grown into an outright overthrow, leading to a society in which “official” order is lost, while the people show initiative enough to band together and care for itself. Differences, of course, still happen, however – very often…

Daily life in Arcologen doesn’t differ much by location; splinter militia groups and opposing organizations battle for one another all the time, every day(far too often with fists and guns). This is allowed to go on as it does, as there is no larger force to stop it, and any attempt at raising such a peacekeeping group is met with opposition from all sides; this is the way of Arcologen society. It has shaped a gritty, battle-torn city in which the streets are unsafe for anyone associated with any of these gangs, and a nation largely without law. Strangely, though, the nature of the majority of these groups is to look after the will of the people. This leads to private businesses and residences very safe, and unaffiliated citizens have very little to fear when walking through the streets during an otherwise peaceful time of day.

Nevertheless, Arcologen is a host to some of the greatest innovations of modern times. Technology reaches its peak within Arcologen’s vast walls. Airships and subterranean crawlers house state of the art computing machines, and advanced robotics is no longer a rarity at all to the human eye – even going to far as the invention of the modern-day Stryder.

Arcologen is the starting place of all PC’s unless dictated by the adventure at hand.

More to come as is appropriate. 2/1/10


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