Espovon is the world in which Novus Infinitas takes place. It is the only planet in a heliocentric system centered on a technetium star. It features 5 continents all separated from each other by one large ocean. It is orbited by three small moons with chaotic orbital paths thanks to the influence of one another’s gravitational pull.

The Land

The island continents of Espovon are Egica, Ibandur, Jhapland, Ulova, and Virshin.

  • Egica – Mostly a mountainous continent formed by dramatic tectonic plate shifting in Espovon’s ancient history. This caused vast peaks and uprises in a narrow ridge the almost completely from north to south. Climate varies greatly by region.
  • Ibandur – Featuring low elevations and mostly loose, fertile dirt, this desert land is irrigated by the sea in a complex network of rivers and deltas. Luscious green vegetation is in stark contrast with the harsh sands it grows from.
  • Jhapland – Jhapland’s geography is only scarcely known. The residents of this place aren’t much for foreign politics or trade. What is known, however, is that from the coastal perspective, Jhapland is dense with thick forestry and shear rock faces, making cartography attempts difficult.
  • Ulova – A landmass in which whose geographical center is barren and long dead. The epicenter of the Cataclysm took place in Ulova, and civilized life has regrouped along its coast since the Nadir.
  • Virshin – The continent in which PC’s start in, it is the mecca of human settlement. Ranging from arid to temperate to frozen to miserably damp, this land was chosen as a bastion of development for it’s diversity.

The Sea

The liquid Espovon’s flora and fauna thrive on is water that has been infused with trace amounts of copper due to hundreds of years of industrial production and pollution on Virshin. Far from a terrible thing, life has a history of adapting incredibly rapidly on Espovon and has been able to cope with the changing environments comfortably. Due to the copper, though, all seawater is colored with a rust-green hue. A lack of salinity in seawater means that this hue is the only separation between oceanic bodies of water and landlocked systems.


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