The dominant race on Espovon. With time, resources, and willpower, there is nothing these creatures cannot do. They have been in control of Espovon’s history for centuries of recorded history, with archaeological evidence supporting the race having been remarkably unchanged for roughly 4000 years prior to the Cataclysm.

Bipedal creatures standing at a range of 4’-7’ tall, typically falling under a healthy range of 130-250 lbs depending on build. Stands out for impressive dexterity, cognitive ability and lack of dependence on instincts. Culture, as a race, is incredibly diverse – too much so to summarize. Typically, humans thrive in clan structures with strong, pre-existing relations to his “clan members”(families, friendships, neighbors, etc.). More common, yet less efficient, are the city-like structures in which vast swatches of land act as a hub of human commerce and residence, housing many thousands of strangers.

Between the two major races of Espovon(the other being Amali), humans are the more populous by a vast margin. Estimates say that Virshin’s population is split between humans and amali 3:1 in the humans’ favor(although residence outside of Arcologen furthers this gap, by as much as a factor of 5 in several regions). Ulova has reported similar numbers, however in Ibandur and Egica the margin shrinks to roughly 2:1. Theories for this trend typically mention the harsher living conditions in those continents, where the physical edge the amali have over humans is a more readily apparent advantage.

While the amali are naturally inclined to physical prowess, the mind is the humans’ playground. Ingenuity, creativity, intelligence, and resourcefulness are the gifts that have given humans the dominion over Espovon they hold now. Technology has sprung largely from human contributions, politics are the ways of humans most often, and science in all manners will generally be advanced thanks to human scientists. This is not to say, though, that humans are simply thinking machines. A typical human male can lift upwards of 200-250 pounds without assistance and has exhibited a top running speed(excluding sprints) of roughly 15-18mph. Swiftness and manual dexterity are easily achieved to those who have put in some kind of training for it and may be learned from infancy so long as reinforcement is introduced.

The history of humans is deep, rich, and the subject of much adventuring. Questions are constantly asked and seldom adequately answered. It is largely the Players’ and GM’s job to fill in these blanks. Choosing to play a human will give access to a number of mentally-oriented stunts without having the prerequisites amalian characters will face. Furthermore, an additional skill can be chosen at Creation to be placed under “Fair”(see Character Creation for details on these terms) so long as the skill chosen is non-physical in nature. If the player chooses not to take the extra skill, he may move one of his non-physical “Average” skills to the “Fair” range.


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