Modern Times

Espovon was changed by the Cataclysm and the Nadir that followed. It would never again welcome high-fantasy sorcery-rich life. In more recent centuries, society has survived to rebuild itself completely new, a proverbial phoenix reborn. None of its citizens have any knowledge that magic has ever existed, or that their tech mirrors old mystic attributes. Those who did know of such things were very near to the Nadir and have since passed on, leaving nothing of true human heritage beyond that of family.


Starting from a race of people with no technological advancements at all, thanks to the gifts of the mysterious Æther, humans have had only a few short centuries to invent mechanisms for feats they found commonplace, such as locomotion, hazardous material handling, materialization and summoning, teleportation, etc… The advantage to this unlikely species was that over the thousands of years they’d been relevant in the world, their advancements in intellect was great enough that modern day engineers have had little trouble successfully replicating many of the old-world traditions. The down-side to the short time-span, though, is that the level of industrialism has only gone so far, while so much has been achieved in terms of accomplishments. Instead of launching into the digital age, a constant state of steam-powered machinations and clockwork contraptions dominate the practical horizon. Many very advanced feats can be accomplished with these simple tools and instruments via imaginative implementation.


The politics of Espovon are always a touchy subject. Since the Nadir, humans have been intensely skeptical of outsiders. The people of Virshin are torn from country to country, and the Arcologen is particularly divided. What exists on Virshin is perpetuated by paranoia and superstition that outsiders are bringers of strange and evil cultures and violent methods. Not everyone believes this, some welcome others. Still, though, many share the isolationist viewpoint and will react with hostility when confronted with foreigners, even those from other portions of Virshin. Outside of the humans’ home continent, however, culture and politics cannot be determined. These distant lands have not yet had contact with Virshin in any significant manner since the Nadir, and Arcologen hasn’t been able to document with certainty the attitude and customs of these visitors.


In today’s formal society, life isn’t worth living without the support of a specialty or the stable residence brought by occupation. The major job titles are outlined below.

  • Robotics – Engineers with a mind for remote sentience. Handy little buddies for all occasions.
  • Vehicles – Engineers with a need for speed. From one wheel to twenty wheels, from flippers to flappers.
  • Munitions – These engineers make it go ‘BOOM!’ Always. ‘Nuff said.
  • Gadgetry – Knick-knacks and odds-and-ends. Engineers with a passion for the petite. Handheld goodies and gadgets.
  • Composites – Chemists in the solid-matter state of mind. Alchemy and metallurgy are commonplace.
  • Solutions – Need a drink? Call these chemists for salves, goos, oils, and things that tickle you when they bubble.
  • Genetics – Biology takes a front seat for these chemists. DNA is read like a book, and manipulated with great skill.
  • Anatomy – Scientists who know what makes the body tick. Supplements and prosthesis are perfect areas of study.
  • Aeronaut – The sky’s the limit for Aeronautical Adventurers. Treasure up high is all the sweeter for its rarity.
  • Squid – Under the seas lurks brave men, nautical adventurers with a taste for lost booty.
  • Crawler – Not for the faint of heart, these spelunking adventurers constantly face cave-ins, stale air, and untold secrets buries by time.
  • Pioneer – The best treasures can be had right on dry land. Rugged adventurers take to the jungles and deserts to explore and discover.
  • Armed Guard – These soldiers grow stronger in groups. They feed off of their teammates’ strengths and protect their weaknesses. Often at odds with vigilante action.
  • Militia – Street gangs like these are masters of urban survival and the all important quick getaway. Generally directly opposed to many Armed Guard groups.
  • Slayer – These pest control specialists know the ins and outs of everything that goes bump in the night.
  • Wall – The best defense is a good defense. The immovable force of self defense and protection techniques governs the creed of these combat specialists.

Modern Times

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