The civilized world of Espovon is dominated by the human race and branches of genetic experimentation. In terms of character creation or racial bonuses, the game contains none inherently, and it is up to the player to decide his or her preference and adjust their aspects accordingly.

  • Human – The race that rules the whole of Espovon’s recorded cities, townships, and settlements. They are an industrious race with an inherent gift for creativity and ingenuity. They are the standard, and make up roughly 80-85% of all large cities’ populace.
  • Amali – Less a separate species, more of an altercation to humans, the Amalians have arisen in modern culture due to, according to historians, scientific genetic modification and DNA splicing. All resemble humans mixed with some other creature, and are typically geared more toward physical feats.
  • Hyk – A newly discovered race of humanoid, found by an intrepid group of Crawler on expedition. The Hyk possess little knowledge of human life and even less in common with it. Very alien in appearance, and used to living in harsh, ever changing environments, the Hyk all share a natural ability to adapt – both physically and mentally.

A simple list, which leaves players room for creativity in shaping their character. The gift of mental fortitude for Humans, and physical wealth of Amalians, is common throughout all of Espovon’s nations, even if temperament and culture greatly vary.

Within the races, however, exists unexplained and mysterious subsets—flukes, freaks… Enigmatic individuals who are not unique for their species, yet deserve a class of their own. They are not standard characters, and players are discouraged from choosing to play as one, however the ultimate say is with the GM.

  • Droog – Droogs are those born into, for unexplained reasons, physical anomalies. A smoking aura, blackened skin, slightly luminous birth marks; droogs clearly stick out in a crowd, and are typically met with a deal of racism from others. Superstition and legendry says that many mysterious events have been centered around the droogs.
  • Thauma – Thauma are things of myth. Legend speaks of beings of pure light and vast power bursting forth from humans, as if a butterfly in metamorphosis. They now exist in the minds of children and novelists, a fanciful subject of daydreams and wonderment. There has been no documented of anecdotal case of Hykken Thauma.
  • Ockras – Ockras are terrible things. Clearly of human origin, the Ockras are thought to be the result of over-exposure to radiation. The Ockras are a deformed version of the thing they used to be, usually exhibiting cancerous growths, cysts, and some level of decay. It is interesting to note that cognitive ability of the Ockras is considered unpredictable, and is considered on a case-by-case basis. Some have been known to take up occupations within tolerant townships. There has been no documented case of a Hykken Ockras.

There is one other known form of civilized sentience on Espovon. While not a “race” or “species,” per se, players are encouraged to consider them as a valid option of play.

Stryder – The engineering marvel of the Post Cataclysm times, Stryders are robotic humanoids with real freedom of thought. Robotic technology has been around for decades, and you may find helper bots in a chemist’s lab, but they are simply puppets. It is said that Stryders are the result of strange happenings regarding secret Droog knowledge and culture. Stryders excel in strategic thinking and problem solving skills, aswell as stamina and endurance, however are prone to failures and shortages. Remember, they are not digital androids with antivirus software, they’re mechanical cogwork mechanoids.


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