An Adventure Amidst Antiquity, Atrophy, and Apostasy

This world is an unassuming array of technological wonderment, filled with cogwork gadgetry and steam-powered robotics. A brass-laden humanity infatuated with technology is largely a distraction from the thinly veiled political hardships of the humans’ capitol city. This massive pinnacle of human achievement harbors all spots on the spectrum of morality and class, from the noble to the impoverished, from the pious to the wicked. It exists in a self-organized anarchy in which honor among brothers and the laws of self dominate.

This disarray is caused much by an ignorant and superstitious race protecting itself from a secret long ordered forgotten. Suppression of knowledge was the theme of many centuries past, as the world of the arcane arts, magic, was decreed to be banished from human knowledge; a consequence of a hardly whispered mystic catastrophe that scarred humanity so deeply, the cause was never to be practiced again.

Magic now exists in the darkest alleys of the human psyche, incubated by a people that are now completely ignorant to its existence, a people much more concerned with what has come after the arcane: Mechanics, Technology, and Electricity. What other secrets does the world of Novus Infinitas hold? What was this incredible catastrophe? What else do the humans dare not learn of?

Novus Infinitas